Italy June 1st - JUNE 7th

By Popular Demand,

YogNova Social Club has brought you back a retreat. This time, it is luxury yoga at Villa Niraclo, Bari, Apuglia

hosted by Adriana Cruceanu

This is year is all about connection, expansion, new perspectives and growth.

Are you looking to get away in an immersive and transformational experience of yoga practice and social self-care, while revelling in modern design, comfort and beautiful natural landscapes?
Or maybe you just want to get over yourself, by ditching old routines and get distracted in a positive way in a magnetic place.

Then you are in good hands! 

YogNova is known for having an outrageously good time in our get-togethers

Immerse yourself in an enriching experience at our exclusive yoga retreat in Bari, Italy, welcoming international guests seeking connection and inspiration. Join a diverse community of like-minded individuals as you delve into invigorating yoga sessions, where every moment presents an opportunity to discover new yoga techniques and profound insights. 

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean diet at an array of exquisite restaurants, complemented by the breathtaking backdrop of the sea and beaches. Savor the finest Italian wines and tantalizing cocktails, enhancing moments of relaxation and camaraderie. Depart feeling rejuvenated and empowered, having forged lasting connections and cultivated newfound creativity and passion. Our retreat embodies the essence of connection, expansion, and education, ensuring a memorable journey of self-discovery and growth.


When relaxed and care free, your practice is more fluid, the body is more obedient (of course you know it is not the body, but the mind that puts your body in tune) and the meditation sessions are transformational. 



 - Ashtanga, Vinyasa (incl. Rocket), Yin,

 - Pranayama & Meditation


NB: times of classes will be established depending on how strong the sun is and on the daily leisure trips. 



Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort at Villa Niraclò, a serene retreat near Carovigno and Ostuni, offering 6 luxurious bedrooms, free Wi-Fi, and a fully equipped kitchen. 

Each room features a private bathroom, some with mini swimming pools. 

Relax in the secluded garden surrounded by a high hedge, or take a dip in the infinity pool with salt sterilization. 

Enjoy alfresco dining areas, sun loungers, and shaded relaxation spots. Included amenities like sheets, towels, and cleaning ensure a hassle-free stay. Explore nearby attractions like Torre Santa Sabina and Torre Guaceto reserve.



- 800 eu until May 1st 

 - 900 eu afterwords


- 1400 eu until May 1st 

 - 1500 eu afterwords


- Double  / Single ACCOMMODATION

- TWO DAILY YOGA CLASSES, including two workshops, Astanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Pranayama  & Meditation.


- Flights 

- Transportation from and to airport  

- Meals

Also, along the coast, a few minutes ride from Villa Niraclò, there is the Tower of Santa Sabina, a hamlet and seaside resort of Carovigno. The tower which sits on the sea has the shape of a star with four edges oriented towards the sea; it was designed as a lookout tower for the small port and also a defensive system to protect the coast of Puglia from Saracen invaiders.
Another magical place not to be missed in the Carovigno area, on the Apulia seafront, is Torre Guaceto state nature reserve with its beautiful marine protected area.

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