Do you need a holiday after the holiday, or simply some time away to do your yoga outside the urban space?

The YogNova retreats have all been quite memorable for the warmth, the fun, the smashing classes and the lessons we took back with us.

We are delighted to announce our new retreat at Wolkendorf Biohotel & Spa near Brasov on August 18th - 20th.

We want this short weekend break to bring you peace and literally, a breath of fresh air. The splendid location will help you enjoy the beauty of the nature, including the forrest nearby, the many facilities of the hotel will renew your energy and the yoga and meditation will have a different feel.

Included in the package are:

  • Chrome Aromatherapy 
  • Finish Sauna
  • Humid Sauna 
  • Silent Relax Room
  • Silent Relax Salt Room
  • Cold Pool
  • Two Indoors Heated Pools
  • Three Outdoors Heated Pools
  • Ice Bath 
  • Fishing

The yoga programe includes: 

Fri 18th:  

- evening yoga class - Yin si Stretching 

Sat 19th: 

- morning yoga class + silence time & Buddhist walking meditation 

- evening yoga class + yoga questions & answers 

Sun 20th: 

- morning yoga class + meditation

For the rest of the time you can choose between

  •  taking some time for yourself  rest, 
  • or use the generous facilities of the hotel mentioned above
  • or go on a hike with the rest of us.

Dinner or / and lunch are not included in the package as most of you have asked not to be and so, it is best to choose your own food, rather than a general pre-imposed buffet. 

Cocktails allowed :) 


NB: Please note, that 20 % of the profit is going towards 9 year old's Sophia's operation in Italy which is very very serious. Sophia is the daughter of one of our community's friends. If you cannot make it to the retreat and still wish to help Sophia to escape the wheelchair, you can contact her mother on +40762220338 (Betty Soare)

  • Double Occupancy: 1350 Ron - early bird until July 20th
  • Double Occupancy: 1500 Ron - after July 20th
  • Single Occupancy: 1770 Ron - early bird until July 20th
  • Single Occupancy: 1850 Ron - after July 20th

To book, pls call or text 0745178016


10 % OFF if you have one of the following:

  • another shorter course, another retreat purchased in 2023
  • 1 year subscription purchased in 2023
  • 6 month subscription purchased in 2023
  • 200 hour TTC purchased in 2023

** If the item has not been posted yet (i.e: the TTC, Rocket Course, or the future retreats, you will be deducted the percentage at the time of the purchase.

PS: although the early bird is on July 20th the sooner you decide the more secure it is for us to book the hotel rooms. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

◆    ◆    ◆

May 26th - June 1st

By Popular Demand,

YogNova Social Club has brought you back a retreat. This time, it is luxury yoga at Cretan Malia Park 

Are you looking to get away in an immersive and transformational experience of yoga practice and social self-care, while revelling in modern design, comfort and beautiful natural landscapes?
Or maybe you just want to get over yourself, by ditching old routines and get distracted in a positive way in a magnetic place.
Then you are in good hands! You will experience the highest level of service in terms of yoga, hospitality and company.  
YogNova is known for having an outrageously good time in our get-togethers, be they yoga retreats or simply going out.
For me, luxury and ambiance are a great component of a fulfilling experience. Yes, of course, the word "luxury" can take on many meanings and so can "fulfillment", but we can chat about this on the retreat while lying on the beach, or sipping on our Mediterranean cocktails ;) 
When relaxed and care free, your practice (of yoga, of course ;)) is more fluid, the body is more obedient (well, of course you know it is not the body, but the mind that puts your body in tune) and the meditation sessions are transformational. 

Cretan Malia Park , Member of Design Hotels, is a five star hotel, located in the midst of rich Mediterranean nature, along a secluded sandy beach in Malia Village, featuring a sandy beach, long river pool, a main swimming pool and a heated pool for the colder season. Amongst others, the stylish hotel includes a Spa, a yoga Pavilion offering a variety of other activities like basketball, volleyball and biking. 

Elegantly decorated with tiled floors, custom-made furnishings and artwork, the light-filled rooms feature a private bathroom with shower, hairdryer and free toiletries based on Greek bio olive oil. Scales, bathrobes and slippers are available in all rooms.                            As you can imagine, the food is freshly sourced and it exudes health and freshness. 

What's Included:

- Double  / Single ACCOMMODATION


- THREE DAYS DINNER (for the rest, we explore the surroundings for their diverse restaurants and cafes)

- TWO DAILY YOGA CLASSES, including two workshops, Astanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Pranayama  and Meditation.

What's NOT Included:

- Flights 

- Transportation from and to airport  


- Single  Occupancy: 

Early Bird: 1111 euros (until April 17th)

Normal: 1150 euros (after April 17th)

- Double Occupancy: 

Early Bird: 825 euros (until April 17th)

Normal: 864 euros (after April 17th)

- Deposit: 50 % can assure you the early bird


- Couple Discount: 5 % each

- Friend / Partner who doesn't do yoga - 650 euros

- Bring a new yoga friend: 10 % for you

10 % OFF from THE MORE EXPENSIVE ITEM CAMPAIGN = choose between 1 year subscription, 6 month subscription, 200 hour TTC, Rocket + Arm Balances and Backbends Course, another retreat (bought in 2023)

** If the item has not been posted yet (i.e: the TTC, Rocket Course, or the future retreats, you will be deducted the percentage at the time of the purchase.

NB: only one category of discount is available for one person 

Find your magic and own it!

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